You will need
  • distance learning system
  • means of advancing the course
Create, carefully work through the content of the distance course. It is important to ensure a good visual presentation of the material. Set the targets, create the modules (blocks) of the material, problem tasks (questions) draw conclusions from each module. Ensure the alternation of theory and practice. Text make so that it was presented concisely, clearly, and its structure was logical, the location was adequate visual perception.
Consider what will be the organization of joint activity of teacher and students. This question is the most important because of the concept of e-learning and distance learning include, first and foremost, the joint activity of teacher and students, albeit remotely from each other. This activity is aimed at mastering of new information, i.e. learning content, and types can be different: webinars comments to posts or events, personal messages, etc. in addition, distance education focused on adult learning, it is necessary to take into account this specificity.
Please note the system by which you will be training. It can be compared with the virtual class in which there are conditions to download the course, interactive communication with students, managing their learning. Here you can use a free or rented, distance education system, and customize them to fit your needs, or to pay for a system that will be configured by the developer for you. In the system using the filling content creates a learning environment: you upload your presentations, documents, and also create forums, blogs, quizzes, links to additional sources.
Organize promotion of your distance learning course, or advertisement. Elena Tikhomirova, expert portal recommends that you create a promotional email for their contacts, as well as thematic blog on the topic of your course. Implementing the idea of promoting through the use of, the blog is informative (useful) character for readers, and shape their confidence in you and your course.
Completing the group. If you organize your personal distance learning, the optimal number of people in the first group no more than 10. If you have a team of trained personnel, the outcome of the level of training and your potential (human, technical, organizational, etc.).