You will need
  • computer, Internet, A4 paper, printing PI, pen, documents, entrepreneur, accounting and reporting.
A Declaration form in which private entrepreneurs reflect their incomes, you can download the link
Indicate on each page of the Declaration, taxpayer identification number and code of registration to the tax authority of the entrepreneur.
Enter the number of adjustments of this Declaration in the appropriate field, code the tax period for which the Declaration is filled. Specify the reporting year that precedes the year in which to complete the Declaration on the simplified tax system.
In the Declaration, you must enter the tax authority code that corresponds to the location of the individual entrepreneur.
Fill in the Declaration in the appropriate field enter his surname, name and patronymic, the code of economic activities according to all-Russian classifier of types of economic activity, your name and phone number.
Be aware that you need to specify the number of pages that will be submitted to the Declaration and the number of documents and their copies are attached to this Declaration.
In the first section of the Declaration under the simplified taxation system enter the object of taxation (1-revenues 2-income, deductible expenses), code all-Russian classifier of objects of administrative-territorial division.
Calculate and enter the amount of advance tax payments calculated to be paid during the first quarter, half year, nine months.
In the Declaration, specify the amount of tax payable in the reporting period and the amount of the tax reduction during the same period.
In the second section of the Declaration under the simplified system of taxation enter the amount of income and expenditure and losses incurred in the reporting tax period.
Calculate the tax base, the tax amount payable into the state budget.
The accuracy and completeness of the information filling the Declaration must confirm on each page of the Declaration signature and date of completion.