When the design of the medical prescription remember that it is an official document. After all, it is pharmacies are reporting sold or issued free medicines. In addition he is required to pharmaceutical drugs from the category of specialized poisons, narcotics and other dangerous drugs were prescribed only to those who really need it.
Because medicine has always used as its official language Latin, and it's available for many tens of centuries, and fill out a prescription on Latin. At the same time to register the words and letters must be clearly and legibly (although for anybody not a secret that usually the handwriting of doctors can not distinguish, almost no one).
A number of medications that can be prescribed are clearly regulated. If we are talking about a potent medication or drug from jodosoderzhashchih or drugs, one prescription can be given only one drug. If the medication is simple enough, in one form there may be no more than three.
Note also that the recipe must be written manually with a pen. In any case it is impossible to fill such an important document paste red color and even more so with a pencil. No corrections are allowed. As for abbreviations, use only those that are accepted internationally.
There are rules and dosage of the drug. For example, if medication is solid and granular, then write them out in grams. If the substance is a liquid, the dosage is stated in grams, milliliters and drops.
The form of the prescription must be endorsed with the seal of the medical institution where the prescription was issued. If the form is filled out by a physician in private practice, it is necessary in the upper left corner to indicate the address of the physician and the number of his license. In addition, all prescription forms should be personal seal of the doctor and his signature.