You will need
  • - yarrow;
  • - celandine;
  • the root of elecampane;
  • - wormwood;
  • - marshmallow root;
  • - calamus root;
  • - oak bark;
  • - Shilajit;
  • - med.
The method of surgical treatment of this disease is considered only right. But even surgery is not a guarantee that the fistulous course is restored. And here comes to help traditional medicine. It is recommended to take sitz baths with herbs, microclysters, promotes healing of the fistula. To prepare the sitz bath prepare a decoction of herbs anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions. Take 15 grams of yarrow, celandine, elecampane root and wormwood herb, chop and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Put on low heat and simmer 2 hours. Cool slightly and filter. Pour into a bowl 3 liters of warm water, add the prepared broth and take a sitz bath for 20-30 minutes. The course of treatment 7-10 daily procedures.
To prepare the composition for microclysters take a teaspoon of marshmallow root and sweet flag, oak bark, pour into a thermos and pour a glass of boiling water. Insisting 3-4 hours, filter through 4-6 layers of cheesecloth. For microclysters, use no more than 40 ml of infusion. Procedure follow 7-10 days.
Often the cause of a bad saeplast is the reduction of immune forces of an organism. To strengthen the immune system take pharmacy Shilajit. Dissolve the tablet of Shilajit in ½ Cup, add a teaspoon of honey and drink daily for a month.