If you are planning a pregnancy, you must pass a medical examination. Some diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can occur unnoticed for the carrier of the infection, but in the course of pregnancy impact the hardest way – from abortion to pathology development of the fetus. Examined need both parents, and treatment to start before conception.
Pregnancy is a serious burden on a woman's body. Strengthen your health in advance, because the "weak links" can seriously let you down. Completely healthy teeth is a rare phenomenon in our time. Visit the dentist before conception – still have to do it, but during pregnancy it is better to do without the use of novocaine and similar drugs. And the stress of the terror drill at the benefit will not go to you or the baby.
Heal all inflammatory processes, before abandoning contraception: pregnancy – contraindication to antibiotics.
Remember, if you had childhood measles. If not, better to be vaccinated in advance. Rubella in the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to severe abnormalities of the fetus.
From the moment you decided to become parents, sobriety your way of life. I hardly need to tell someone about the dangers of Smoking and alcohol on fetal development, especially on his brain. Give up cigarettes and alcohol in advance to germ cells matured without the influence of these poisons.
To give your child smart, food expectant mother should be correct and complete. Animal experiments have shown that a lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids leads to the fact that the baby further develops worse and loses the ability to learn. So, fish oil and Flaxseed oil – your choice. Fatty herring contains a unique complex of amino acids and other nutrients – eat health, her and the child. Add Flaxseed or olive oil a salad of fresh vegetables to get the vitamins necessary for formation of brain cell fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6.
Liver and egg yolks contain lecithin – it helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the nervous system. And, of course, your diet should include vegetables and fruits in all forms, fresh is better. Vitamin and mineral supplements is "ambulance" body.
Active physical recreation is no less important than healthy food. Try to spend more time in motion. The rule is at least part of the way to work and from work to pass on foot. If pregnant hard skiing or Cycling, is the swimming in summer open water, winter – in the pool. Active rest in the fresh air will saturate your blood with oxygen, which is needed to power the brain of the child.
Harmful effects on fetal development have a stressful state of the mother. Of course, it is impossible to avoid unrest and trouble. Besides, during pregnancy rebuilds hormonal system of the woman, hence not always adequate reaction to a difficult situation. Try to learn some suitable relaxation technique – it will help not to focus on the feelings and not to exaggerate the size of the trouble.