You will need
  • - free time;
  • - secluded room without extraneous noise;
  • - desire to work on your subconscious.
You are shy and timid people? You are not lucky in your career or in your personal life? You have a lot of complexes? All these problems can be solved by working with the subconscious.
Select an area of your life that needs correction. It can be as the condition of your inner world, your conduct, status in society etc. Remember that the main feature of the subconscious that it does not distinguish false information from true. If you are a long time to repeat that 7*7=48, then after a certain period, the question of how much is 7*7 you astonished to automatically answer 48, and then will long remember the correct answer.
The subconscious plays a huge role in our lives. System of beliefs rooted in the subconscious, determines our whole life. One man easily solves his problems out of any situation a winner, because it's configured his subconscious. The other was struggling even with basic tasks. It is no worse than a successful person, has the same high potential, but his subconscious is programmed for failure. If the right to use the subconscious, you can achieve dizzying success.
But how "programmed" your subconscious for success? Take a look into it and remove the negative settings as the broken piece from the car, will not work. Old harmful beliefs from the subconscious it is possible to displace the new positive affirmations. This long-term and gradual process which requires diligence.
Having defined the area of life you want to transform, proceed to the formulation plants. The installation should be short, easy to remember, understandable. Formulate the setting in the present tense as if the desired have already happened. Instead of "I'm rich" need to talk "I'm rich". Formulating the desired time in the future, you postpone the period of its embodiment in an imaginary future that usually never comes. Eliminate plants from the particle "not" instead of "I'm not more" should say "I am healthy".
Then take a magnetic Board (in everyday life it is called "Write-erase"). This Board will need to record your settings. It is not recommended to take notebooks and notepads. First, you brought up a lot of paper, and secondly, you will experience a constant anxiety that someone accidentally finds your records and finds out about your deepest problems. Magnetic Board will rid you of both problems.
Now defined with a class. You should every night before going to bed to write your settings on a magnetic Board. It's important to do it before bedtime, because the highest power of suggestion is implemented in the so-called "Prasanna condition," when a man departs to sleep. Why is it important to record the installation? First, when recording is triggered motor memory. Second, one looks at the recorded information (triggers visual memory). Third, he unconsciously pronounces. Fourth, he listens to what says (auditory memory). The multiple repetition of the same information through different channels of perception and ensures the success of this technique.