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  • to consider the procedure for changing child surname and patronymic
The article will examine the procedure for changing names and behalf in accordance with the law, with the consent of both parents. Any child over the age of 14 years have the right to change the name, patronymic or surname, if the baby is less than, consent to the name change giving both parents, guardians or a court order. The family code obliges parents, under the change of name or patronymic of a minor child, to provide mandatory decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
Next, execute a statement in writing and submit to the Registrar, it shall contain data on place of residence and of birth, full data first name, name and surname, data on marital status, as well as all the data about minor children. Originals and copies of all documents previously issued by bodies of civil registration.
Sign the statement on change of a surname or patronymic, shall bear the date of preparation. All the collected birth certificates of children, marriage or its termination, is applied to compiled statement.
Within one month from the date of submission of the application it is considered by the Registrar, in case of refusal to change the middle name or names, provide a substantiated reason for the refusal, and return all the attached documents. In case of positive consideration of the application, report changes in name change in the bodies of internal Affairs at the place of residence of the applicant.
Then, a certificate is issued, as revised, and place of work change of a surname, a patronymic. Next, change the data in all documents that require updates.
In cases where the child is adopted, change of name, patronymic and surname occurs in accordance with article 134, which provides for the same registration procedure as the above. The exception is a moment like mandatory consent of child to change of name, surname and patronymic, if the child was 10 years old.