For starters carefully examine the necessary requirements for sanitary conditions. Subject to these rules pick an appropriate room. Main conditions: all materials used for decoration must be from the inside of the number allowed by the Ministry; laboratory wall should not have cracks; the lab should be equipped with centralized ventilation system (this is one of the main problems with the equipment); all spaces should have natural light.
Equip the laboratory with all necessary: micromotor, electrospace extractors, foundry setup, muffle furnace and kilns for firing ceramics, instruments for grinding, metals and alloys for the manufacture of prostheses this is a small part of the necessary tools and equipment, which should have a modern laboratory to make dentures, and metal ceramic crowns on gold or zirconium oxide. Do not skimp on quality equipment because it will directly depend on your income.
Pick up the staff. In the laboratory must run at least two professional dental technicians and one orthopedist-stomatologist. To implement the control functions assigned to a senior dental technician and head of laboratory. Discipline and professionalism of the staff will depend on the reputation of the entire institution, and so recruiting must be approached carefully.
Get a license for the manufacture of dental prostheses. For this you need to contact the SES.
Starting work, determine the clientele. If the laboratory does not have a dental office and is taking patients, agree with the city dental clinics on the manufacture and supply of dental prostheses and proceed to the execution of orders.