You will need
    • sea bass,
    • salt,
    • pepper,
    • flour,
    • thyme,
    • vegetable oil.
Before you fry the sea bass, defrost it. This is best done at room temperature, as if to accelerate the process of immersing a fish in water, she washed all the juices when roasting it will be dry. If you purchased fillets, further processed it is not needed. A whole fish, clean off the scales with a knife, cut the fins, cut off the tail and head. Then you can cut half of a perch to pieces or fry them whole.
Mix equal proportions of thyme, salt, pepper and evenly spread it over this part of the fish from all sides. Thyme and pepper make the fish more fragrant. You can also use rosemary or special seasonings for fish. Put perch in 20-30 minutes, so he had to promarinovatsya.
On a flat plate pour the flour slide, on all sides, roll the fish in it. If for any reason flour in the house was not, as breading, you can use the breadcrumbs or starch. The latter will not give such a Golden brown like flour, but will preserve the juiciness of the fish.
Heat the pan vegetable oil, it is advisable to choose refined to frying was not a sharp odor. Lay the fish pieces on the pan in hot oil. If you heat it enough, the breading of flour does not form on the fish smooth, Golden crust under which remain dry. Oil should be enough that it cover the pieces of fish approximately the middle, then the fish will be evenly fried on all sides. After one side formed a crust, perch turns on the other side. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.