You will need
  • hook
  • - threads
  • filler.
For starters, pick up a hook and yarn, suitable in size. Remember, the bigger you want to associate the toy, the thicker must be the threads and the bigger the hook. Small balls suitable thin thread, perhaps even iris.
If you have no experience in knitting and crochet, you can take a tennis ball (or any other suitable size), which you will try their handiwork. Tie a chain of six loops and lock it in the ring. Then, promazyvaya in each loop of the chain two, make another row of 12 loops. The third row of your balland should consist of 18, and the fourth of the 24 loops. So, adding each new set of six loops, you will gradually increase the diameter of your balland to your required size.
Once your ball has reached the desired size, begin to decrease it, reducing each number by the same number of stitches as you added.
When you have virtually dovedale ball, fill it with padding polyester, synthetic fluff, unnecessary scraps of fabric or barley – peas, lentils, buckwheat. In this case, the ball also will develop fine motor skills of the child. Once the ball is full, davaite the product to the end and insert the protruding thread.
There is another way how to make a ball. To do this, tie the three strips with a length of approximately 11 inches and a width of about 3 inches. To do this you need to link the chains of approximately 40 loops and knit into the 9 – 10 columns. If desired, the strips can be of different fabrics – will be a fun baby ball.
Sew one strip in the ring. The second strip is also sewn into the ring and put up on the first. The third strip is passed underneath the first and superimposed on top of the second, and then the product is filled and the strip is secured in the ring.