You will need
  • yarn;
  • - contrasting thread;
  • hook;
  • - frame or soft filler (if necessary).
Beginning knitting ball will serve 3 air loop – 1 leading (it is located on the stem of the hook) and a couple of chain links. Lock the loops into a ring by means of a connecting column.
Mark the beginning of the first circular row contrast thread – this mark will further tell you when to start allowances columns.
Starting from the first loop (marked with a colored thread), proverite the first row. Only in this circle you should have 6 new columns without nakida.
Make a second circular row. Now each child column you need to purl once for 2 loops. Thus, the tip ball of the future will increase to twelve components.
In the third row do the following sequence: vivacite 2 column without nakida in the lower loop; the next column previous row do only 1 loop. Continue to the end of the round, is still on the hook will be 18 columns without nakida.
Create a canvas in the shape of a hemisphere, gradually increasing the number of increments in each circular row. The fourth circle: make a raise; a couple of columns without nakida and so on until the end of the row (on the hook 24 of the loop). Fifth round: another increase – 3 column without nakida (at the end of the series of 30 loops on the hook). Sixth round: a new addition – 4 column without nakida (36 loops).
The seventh row you will have a smooth hemisphere – the upper part of the future product. At this stage you can insert inside the solid frame (plastic ball, glass bead, etc.) and then tie it. If you are going to fill the crocheted ball with a soft filler, proceed without backing.
The next 6 rows knit simple circular cloth, making the column without nakida in each of the lower thread of the shackle. At the thirteenth row you need to perform the second hemisphere, the lower part of the ball.
Now you have to pull the cloth using a serial ubavo. To withdraw from work, the column without nakida, just skip the loop of the lower row and continue to knit the ball further.
Every next reduce the number of columns in a circle, while of the 36 loops of the canvas you are left with only 12. The sequence of ubavoj: the thirteenth circle - column is ignored; 4-column without nakida (cloth diminished to 6 loops). Fourteenth round: skip loop; 3 column without nakida (on the hook 24 of the loop). Fifteenth circle: a pass; a pair of columns (18 loops). Sixteenth: skipping, column without nakida (12).
You have formed a neat ball with a hole at the bottom. As needed you can fill the product with a soft filler – padding polyester, wool, yarn remnants.
In the seventeenth row operation do the row 6 bauleni and pull the last loop of the working thread. The remaining section hide inside the product.