Zoom in Tomahawkand placed in the header of this article. Carefully consider it. You will find that this weapon consists of just two parts: a wooden handle and a metal nozzle with a blade.
A handle for a toy Tomahawkand craft not wood - it will be too heavy. Manufacture of papier-mache hollow thin-walled tube with a diameter of about three centimeters and a length of about half a meter. When it dries, wrap it with tape "under the tree".
One of the parties put on the tube cover from the plastic bottle. It should be dark in color. Secure the lid with glue.
The layout of the metal nozzle with a blade manufactured from polystyrene, in accordance with the. The length of this nozzle should be of the order of ten centimeters.
Having made the layout of the nozzles, paint silver color, and then allow the paint to dry.
Insert the tube-a handle to the layout of the nozzle. Secure it with glue, not the solvent foam. Please make sure that the adhesive do not dissolve, test on a small piece of this material.
Giving a toy Tomahawk kids, be sure to warn them that they treated him gently because he is fragile. Sharp movements, kicks will be a danger more for the toy than for the players.
Invite the children to make their own scripted dramatization of the passage of any work devoted to the life of the Indians, for example, "the ransom of red Chief" by O. Henry. For rehearsals, and then performances make with them some toy Tomahawks and other paraphernalia of the Indians, the stage setting. Especially good to do staging of these pageants during the summer holidays, if children are asked in school for the summer to read one of the works on this topic. Believe me, they will take up reading it much more likely.