You will need
  • - a computer with access to the Internet;
  • browser;
  • - the software for viewing the video.
Go to the main menu, select "Programs", find command, Windows Media Player, this video player standard Windows operating system to view files with the file extension avi. Select menu "File", click the Open command. In the opened window, select the file from your computer in format avi, which you want to view and click Open. Will start the playback of the movie. On the right is the playlist. To add to the next video, simply drag the file from the folder. To watch the movie in full screen mode, right-click in the playback window and select full screen mode. To exit, press the Esc key. If watching the video there is a window of error, therefore, lacks the necessary codecs.
Download and install alternative programs and codec packs to watch videos in order to watch a movie with avi extension. Go to the website and download a codec pack K-Lite Codec Pack with Media Player Classic program, this program will allow you to watch the avi file, it contains most of the necessary codecs to view video files. Run the program from the main menu (Programs – Media Player Classic), click File – Open file and select the file from your computer. Or click the right mouse button and select "Open with", select the program Media Player Classic will playback the file. To view movies in format of avi in full-screen mode, double-click in the program window, or press Alt+Enter.
Use to view videos in format of avi such alternative programs, like Winamp ( Light Allow (, KMplayer ( To view the film in format avi with the help of these programs, follow the instructions in the previous steps.