You will need
  • - signed sterile containers for urine.
Before any study of urine , thorough hygiene of the genital organs. This can be done or furatsilinovoy soap solution and carefully rinse with water.
To study the amount of sugar in a daily dose of urine collect all urine in a single sterile container. A certain amount of time to gather the daily amount of urine is not, therefore, spend them as soon as you want to the toilet. On the container write legible letters the name, date of birth, time to start collecting analyzing and the end time.
During the day, keep a container of urine in the fridge. Each time carefully close capacity with a sterile cover.
If the volume of urine is too large, then stir the total daily quantity of urine and pour 100-500 mg in a sterile container. The capacity to include your name, date of birth, time and date of collecting urine.
In some cases, such as existing diabetes, the doctor will prescribe the collection of daily doses in certain time intervals. Follow exactly the specified time.
To collect the daily dose of urine by the method of General, will get in the clinic 8 sterile jars. On each jar write your name, time of collection of urine.
Get up at 6 a.m., urineTES in the toilet. Swipe hygienic procedures. In the first jar collect the urine in 9 hours, then you will collect your urine in each individual jar in exactly 3 hours. The last portion assemble at 6 am. If any of the jars in time intervals failed to fill, then you must pass the lab empty jars.
All containers stored in the refrigerator Zaventem cover.
The day before the test refrain from physical and nervous stress, do not drink alcohol, give up Smoking, avoid fatty, spicy and canned food, do not abuse sweet, refrain from smoked products.