You will need
  • - comb;
  • small hair bands or threads;
  • - synthetic fiber, kanekalon;
  • jewelry.
Carefully comb the hair. They should be slightly moist or dry, and completely smooth and obedient so that the hair is kept more than one day. If you have difficulties, use a spray conditioner or special to make it even easier, oil.
Divide the head surface into several parts-of the squares so that they are equal in magnitude. In total you should have no more than 6 sections. The allocation of sectors per head be very precise, because if you make a mistake, you'll have to braid it again.
Recite carefully braid her hair. Do not pull on the hair while braiding, as on the delicate skin of the head can cause irritation, and the braids get rough.
During the process weaves into them the strands of artificial material, which length should exceed your hair. Do not forget to use ornaments, because they define the basic hairstyle. So it was really fashionable, weaves the extraordinary design elements: painted sea shells, yarn for knitting different shades, beads, bright ribbons. Choose carefully decoration, in advance combine them together.
After netting another braid secure the end with a small hair band or a strong thread. Cut the hairs protruding from the braids, to avoid irregularities and to give care. When all braids braided, make sure they go in evenly, at the same angle. If everything is in order, ready hairstyle.