You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser;
  • - skills working with HTML.
Download the plugin to create a Board ad on the website of the Ukrainian Ads WordPress developer (example This plugin allows you to create entry without a registration, your users fill in the required fields of the form to place your entry on the Board ads. These fields will be defined in the form template post_default_template.php. The plugin has captcha support, tagging, file upload size limit, as well as with the restriction on the file type and number. To establish a Board ad on the website, go to the website and download this plugin Go to the administration panel of your WordPress site, go to "Plugins", upload from your computer downloaded the plugin and create a Board of announcements. Go to plugin settings to change its name and characteristics. Next, click on "Save".
Download plugin AdsManager ( to put Board ads on the website on the CMS platform Joomla. Go to extensions/plugin Manager/system/support old extensions. Unzip the downloaded archive to any folder, find the archive component Go to control panel, in the Extensions tab, click the "Install" button, select this file using the "Browse" button. In the menu "Components" will be added AdsManager.
Go to the menu settings to make the Board announcements. In the Main tab, define the user rights for placement of ad. In the tab "Contact" choose with whom and how will be displayed the contact information in the ad. Go to the tab "Image". Select the size of thumbnail images. As well as the requirements for images that are downloaded by users. In the tab "Text" specify the text that will be displayed on the main page of your Board adsand also in the separate "terms of use", which will be created automatically. On the tab "Timing" will determine the timing of the publication of advertisements, as well as the text of a letter, which the user will be notified. Save the changes.