You will need
  • Computer;
  • - graphics card;
  • game.
The performance of a graphics card is determined by the number of fps (frames per second), which it can issue in a particular application with certain settings. Relevant to measure the performance of the video card in the first turn of the game, so they will be considered. A good indicator of performance, meaning comfortable in their favorite game, is a value not less than 60 fps, so should be inscribed on it.
To measure the performance of graphics cards, first select those games that are important to you. After all, nothing will, if the game 10 years ago, you are not going to play, would show excellent performance. In addition, despite the fact that the game was actively using 3D content in your map, otherwise an adequate picture of the performance of the card you get. Finally, please note that the game was quite popular and it other users also tested, because otherwise you will not be able to compare my videocard with others.
Most modern games have built in tools to measure the number of frames per second, the so-called benchmarks. When you run a benchmark played for a few minutes specifically written to measure the performance of the game demoscene, at the end of the game which shows the average performance of the graphics card in fps.
When the choice is made, proceed to testing. Before testing, restart your computer and do not run any programs. To test run the game and select the necessary settings for you video. Run benchmark 3-5 times. The real performance of theYu card will be average value from each of 3-5 runs.