Before to make any adapter, make sure the device and accessories do electrically compatible, and nothing but plugs, no different.
If you need to connect headphones or microphone equipped with a 3.5 mm Jack to 6.3 mm socket, or Vice versa, for the manufacture of the adapterand take the plug diameter coinciding with the diameter of the socket on the machine and the socket, the diameter of which coincides with the diameter of the plug on the headphones and the microphone. Connect the corresponding contacts (three). If either on the plug or on the socket, either on and not the other three pins, and two, that their adapters only for MIC but not for earphones. Such connectors United by a common and Central contacts. To connect a two-pin plug to the headphone Jack is impossible, because output short circuit one of the channels, which will arise in this case, it is possible to bring the apparatus down.
There is often a need to connect the TV with a SCART socket to a VCR or a DVD player with "tulips", or Vice versa. In this case, a normal cord, equipped with forks-"tulips", plug, SCART socket and four-"Tulip". Connect them as follows: "tulips" of the input and output of the image signal to the SCART pin 17, the Central contact socket output image signal to pin 19, input 20, the hull of the "tulips" of the input and output of the sound signal to pin 4, the Central contact socket audio output - pin 3, input - 6. Then connect the terminal cable to the jacks on the adapterand that you want.
As a General rule, make any adaptersand follows. Check the Pinout of the plug on the accessory and socket on the unit. Way to both connectors mate. Find out if you need to connect the contacts of the same name, or, say, to apply the output signal from the unit to the input pin of the accessory, or Vice versa. Make the corresponding connections on the second parts.
Do not allow in the Assembly of short circuits. Place the adapter in a solid insulating housing. Before making any connections, switch off the device and accessory, unless otherwise expressly permitted by the user manual.