Advice 1: How to speed up time

Time is a complex category, which can be interpreted in different ways, depending on which point of view you look at her. At the science level is a measurable physical concept, the measure of processes of the fourth dimension of our world. From the point of view of psychology time is subjective for each person and depends on his perception and awareness of changing events. He and the other approach allows us to suggest ways to speed up the time.
How to speed up time
From the point of view of relativistic physics, if one reference frame moves relative to the other, while it's flowing slower than in the stationary frame. This has been proven not only in theory but also in practice. So if you had a space ship that can move at relativistic speeds, you would be travelling on it, to slow down your time relative to the earth.
But our task is to speed up time. Imagine that you have spent in space, a year on Earth during this time would have passed much more time, say 10 years (can be calculated and the exact value of which depends on your speed and acceleration, you spend time the way). That is the year of time according to your watch it would be ten earth years. It turns out that time has accelerated. Thus, on the one hand you have slowed the time, and on the other hand for a certain period of time has passed more than usual, i.e., the time accelerated.
Source: V. Pauli "Theory Of Relativity", Moscow: Nauka, 1991.
From a psychological point of view, you always perceive time differently, some faster, some slower. When you stand in a long queue, it is almost not moving, in a compromising position also flies by. Therefore, to accelerate the perception of time must be doing something exciting: exciting date, extreme sports, solving interesting problems at work, relaxing with friends will accelerate your time. The main thing - not to fall into the trap of mindless fun when the time flies, and then you can't understand where it went.
Finally, do some meditation, with sufficiently developed skills, you can achieve the so-called Satori, the moment of pure existence in which time will cease to exist and you will find yourself in eternity. This is the most useful way of working with time that will open your eyes to the true state of Affairs in the world.

Advice 2 : How to expedite a passport

The question of how to expedite getting a passport, usually occurs in anticipation of the summer holidays. Practice shows that the fastest you can issue a passport the old model (valid for 5 years) by submitting an application on its receipt at the place of residence (residence permit) via "reference and information portal "State services" ( The deadline for receipt of the passport provided the correct paperwork will be 20-45 days. You will need only 1 visit to the FMS.
New passport for the summer holidays
You will need
  • • The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and a copy of all its pages
  • • INN
  • • SNILS (pension insurance certificate
  • • personal email address (e-mail)
  • • personal mobile phone number
  • • old passport (if available)
  • • employment record book, extract from it or a certificate of employment (certified copy)
  • • 4 photos 35 x 45 mm (in standard form)
  • • this is a picture recorded on digital media
  • • receipt about payment of state duty (1,000 rubles)
  • • for pensioners: original work-book and pension certificate
  • • proof of student status (if currently studying)
  • • certificate (if over the last 10 years was school)
  • • diploma of education (if within the last 10 years has been study)
  • • document of change of name (if in the last 10 years was a change)
  • • military ID for military service)
  • • a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office (for male from 18 to 27 years, not served)
  • • birth certificate and a picture of your kids, if You want to enter information about children in the passport
Sign up on the portal http://www.gosuslugi.ruenter all the required information, INN, SNILS, enter an active e-mail and the number of enabled mobile phone, enter all of the required verification codes. * Wait for the email with the activation code via the "Mail of Russia" (3 and 14 days depending on where you live).
While waiting for the email with the code then visit the shop and take 4 photos for a passport (in accordance with the requirements Be sure to write down photos on a flash drive or CD, photos must be in JPEG format with size up to 300 KB.
Take a look at the website of the regional Department of the Federal migration service (FMS), copy and print the details for payment of state duty for issuance of passport proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation (1000 rubles). Pay legal costs in any Bank branch, save the ticket. Don't forget to take a Bank passport.
Make photocopies of the necessary documents according to the list. Order your on the job a certified copy of employment record.
After receiving a letter with an activation code, enter it on the portal under "my account" Log in to "my account"; choose the sub-category "passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation who have reached 18 years of age" in the category "Citizenship, registration, visa and fill in all the fields of the form; attach a photo; save the application to your computer and send it for review by pressing the "send" button. Once you submit the application within days to your e-mail will receive a message about acceptance of the application for consideration. Application status can be tracked through "my account".
Receiving an electronic message with an invitation to come to the Federal migration service to obtain a passport, make a test call to the FMS and check the time of admission. Going for a passport, once again carefully check all the necessary documents and their copies.
Beware to use the services of organisations offering for a fee to expedite a passport. Their activities are not regulated by law and based more on personal relationships and, therefore, there is a risk to face with fraud, and lose not only time and money, and documents.
Useful advice
1. The portal is still running in test mode, so don't be shy when the first difficulties with completing the forms, call the hotline and ask questions - this way you will not only make it easy for yourself, but also help to improve the functioning of the portal.

2. Carefully fill in each field of the questionnaire. It is advisable to copy the information you may enter in a separate word document, particularly the information from the workbook, because the system may fail, the information you enter will not be saved and time will be lost.

3. A passport can be issued in three working days, if to document the existence of "circumstances connected with necessity of emergency treatment, serious illness or death of a close relative and require departure from the Russian Federation"
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