You will need
  • contouring, fat grafting, mesotherapy, peeling, physiotherapy, silicon wafers, laser, cocoa butter
To get rid of scars after chickenpox can help contour collagen. This method is effective in atrophic scars, which need to be raised.
Note in this procedure as fat grafting. In the scar area introduces its own fat, causing the scar becomes less noticeable. However, the effect is short-lived, because the filler after some time dissipates.
In order to prolong the effect of the drug administered mesotherapy. The procedure involves the use of drugs that contain cell extracts of plant and animal origin for production of collagen. The result is a dense elastic skin and almost invisible scar.
If the scar after chicken pox has recently appeared, it is smooth with peeling trichloroacetic acid. A fairly effective method of addressing the young scar is physical therapy. Electro - and phonophoresis. With the help of the electric current in the rumen are special drugs, due to which it dissolves.
To eliminate scars after chicken pox , a silicone plate. By squeezing the rumen becomes more flat. In addition, the plates prevent its overgrowth.
Forget about scars help to laser resurfacing. The most effective and painless procedure at the moment. The number of treatments and their intensity, prescribed by a doctor after examination of the skin defect. It usually influences the depth and age of scars, skin type.
If on the person there are only holes will be just one procedure in the beauty salon. Beauty and health back to your skin, and no one will think that you've had traces of chicken pox.
Also the affected skin can be lubricated with cocoa butter. Apply it on your fingertips and start gently massaging the skin. This massage increases blood flow, and therefore the effect of the oil comes faster. To the skin, returns elasticity and healthy appearance.