Advice 1: A complaint to the seller how and where to write it

We are all consumers of goods and services. Unfortunately, as the quality of goods and services in trade is often not up to par. Certainly, each of the people got into such a situation when faced with rudeness, rudeness and incompetence of the seller. Wanting to punish the negligent employee trading, the buyer usually writes in his complaint. To the actions of the buyer were effective and led to the desired result, it is necessary to know how to do it.
A complaint to the seller how and where to write it
Demand in the store, "Book reviews and suggestions". This official document is to be given at first request. On the first page of the "Books" placed manual, it shows the phone numbers of the parent organizations to which you can complain:
• leadership of the store;
• Gostorginspektsii;
• Department of consumption and services;
• Council and the Prefecture of the city.
Make an entry in "the Book", outlining in great detail the essence of his complaint on the seller. Enter his surname, name, patronymic and what was his unprofessional behavior behind the counter. Describe the circumstances under which it has been infringed, and specify details of witnesses of the incident. Preferably in his complaint to mention the laws and regulations that have been violated.
Visit the store a second time after five days and view the "Book reviews and suggestions". Please note on the other side of the sheet where you wrote a complaint on the seller. It should be a record of the measures taken to remedy the deficiencies in the work shop. If correction of a violation required a longer period, the worksheet must be specified required period. It should not exceed fifteen days.
Check out the performance promised measures. If your complaint on the seller in the store did not respond to email on a separate sheet second. Write a complaint to the seller at the parent organization must contain the exact names and numbers of store, name of Manager, the seller, the date and time when it has been infringed. Give one copy to the shop manual, and the second with the signature of the Director on receipt of a complaint keep. Copies should be sent to:
• Department of the consumer market,
• CPS,
• Trade inspection.
They are required during the month to review your complaint and the measures taken to inform you in writing.
Some stores give birth to a notebook that passes for "Book reviews and suggestions, and to give to writing complaints to those not featured in this "Book." So before you write a complaint to the seller, ensure the proper execution of the "Books". Under the law, it must be fully numbered, bound and sealed with the seal of wax.
Useful advice
To write complaints, the store must provide you with a Desk, chair and pen.

Advice 2 : How to write a complaint to the seller

We are all consumers of goods and services. Sometimes we are faced with rudeness, rudeness and poor-quality goods. In order to rein in the seller, you can complain about the terrible organization of the CPS, but the little things there are not addressed. In this regard, there is a book of complaints.
How to write a complaint to the seller
Ask for book reviews and suggestions in identifying low-quality product or service. This book should be located in a conspicuous place and should provide it on demand. Make sure that the book of complaints processed correctly and meets the requirements of the law. This book reviews and suggestions must be fully numbered, bound, must bear the stamp of wax. Such measures are needed to ensure that an unscrupulous seller can't rip out the page with the complaint against him. The seal shall be authenticated by the signature of the Manager. On one side of the notebook retained contacts, and management comments, and on the second side of the written complaint. Externally, the notebook can be any, the main thing that the decoration was in accordance with law. On the first page of the book find the instructions for writing a complaint, there are phones manual, Gostorginspektsii, Prefecture of the Department of market and other data. If the book of complaints does not correspond to the official requirements, then apply this in the Gospotrebnadzor.
Write a book of reviews and suggestions his complaint. The recording should convey the essence of the incident. Surname, name, patronymic of the seller, describe the reason for the complaint and specify the time when there was a violation. By law you have the right to require a pen, a Desk and chair for writing complaint. If you refused, indicate this fact in the complaint.
Mark the date and the signature on the complaint. By law, the Director is obliged to consider your complaint within two days. After that within five days the administration should review the problem and take steps to address it. Visit the plant again in a week and look in the book of complaints. On the other side of the sheet with your complaint should indicate what measure it has taken to address the issue. If you leave your address, then within five days you had to send a written response.
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