You will need
  • Tablets for cleaning dentures.
The remedy is Dental White pill pharmaceutical company Corega," manufacturer "GlaxoSmithKline". Special tablets are designed to clean and whiten dentures, sold per pack of 5 blisters. Each blister of 6 tablets. One package costs from 150 to 250 rubles, depending on the pharmacy and the region.Method of use of these pills is simple: put one tablet Dental White in a glass of warm water, and as quickly as possible dip it in a glass of denture. Let stand denture 10-15 minutes, if you bleach the prosthesis and leave overnight, if you do it in the evening.Before you insert the denture in the oral cavity, do not forget to rinse.
In addition to Dental White from Korea", there are other similar purification tablets and bleaching of dentures. A good way is Lacalut Dent. Packing Ointment can contain 16 tablets (small package) and 32 tablets (big package). Large pack costs about 250-300 rubles.Effervescent tablet instant dissolves in water and color it blue. At this time cleansers effectively dissolve plaque and organic residues. Oxidizing components Lacalut Dent are disinfecting. Blue color water disappears and the denture is clean.To apply Ointment pill dent, press it simultaneously with the prosthesis in a glass of warm water. 10 minutes later, the dental prosthesis will be completely clean. Also don't forget prior to installation of the prosthesis, rinse it in the waste water.
As tablets Dental White from Korea and Dent from Ointment have not only bleaching but also disinfecting effect.But if no bleaching pills, you can use the folk method is to soak dentures in vinegar for about 2 hours. Do not use this method often, as it can reduce the strength of the prosthesis.