You will need
  • Case
  • Helical shaft
  • Knife
  • Grille
  • Spiral ring
  • Handle
  • Screw
  • Two gaskets
Before you case manual grinder. It is worth noting, it is made of stainless metal to scrollable mass when interacting with a hand grinder is not oxidized. Body - the largest part - has three holes. In the funnel-shaped hole lays products to scroll through. Do not touch it. Note the large round hole. Take a screw shaft and insert it into the hole until it stops. Helical shaft designed to push a scrollable mass to the blades of the knife.
Take a knife. This detail is similar to a propeller, but more, of course, to shuriken – throwing weapons of the Japanese ninja. Rave, however, is not recommended. Put the knife on a screw shaft so that the curved side of the knife firmly joined to the shaft. If you wear it wrong, knife manual grinder can't grind scrollable mass.
Grinder will not grind the product without a lattice. Take the grille, round, flat piece with holes. It resembles that of another slice of sausage. Put it on the knife. The grille should fit adjacent to the flat side of a knife. The grill turning with a knife, it has a small side hole. This must match with the tab on the body of the grinder. If you install the bars correctly, the holes will come out frayed mass.
Secure the knife and the grill ring. Perhaps your model, on the inner side is carved. Also the thread should be around the round hole where you inserted the screw shaft, the knife and the bars. Tighten the ring around the round hole until it stops.
Put the gasket on the rear part of the helical shaft. Take a pen and attach it. Use the second strip. Secure the handle with the special screws. The grinder is ready for operation. You only have to attach manual meat grinder to the flat surface of the table.