You will need
  • To obtain moral damage and evaluate severity.
Moral damages arises only after there was a moral harm. Assessment of cash compensation for causing moral damageand is calculated individually in each case and primarily depends on the assessment of the victim.
Usual quarrel between two people with insults is not a reason for non-pecuniary damageand, as necessary in situations witnesses and public assessment of the circumstances. Therefore, in the event of such an incident should speak with witnesses about testifying in court. As evidence you can provide video or audio recording of the incident of quarrel.
Not on every occasion, you can demand compensation for moral damage. For example, harsh criticism of the activities of harm, but is not considered moral damageOhm.
If you have suffered moral harm from the abuse of man will be in court to demand the fabulous amount of damagesand the court may wonder about his sanity. Moral damages may be in moral experience, in connection with the death of a close relative, and of the impossibility to continue his public life, and in the disclosure of medical confidentiality, as well as many other reasons.
There is a General formula for the assessment of moral damage, but the calculated result will not be a guaranteed result, as the court is taken into account the gravity of the inflicted moral injury and the solvency of the defendant. The maximum amount of compensation for damageand consists of a formally defined at the time of the decision of 720 times the minimum wage and corresponds to the earnings of a person with average income for 10 years.
If he has suffered heavy damage to health, the amount should be multiplied by the coefficient 0.8. Accordingly, the amount of compensation will be equal to 576 minimum wages. Beatings are estimated as the multiplication of 720 to 0.025 and equal to 18 minimum wages.
In the case of torture over physical face, you need 720 to multiply by a factor of 0.3, in the end, the refund will be equal to the sum of 216 the minimum wage.