You will need
  • - ready-made forms of speech card for a variety of speech disorders;
  • - didactic material for diagnosis.
Prepare yourself for the forms of ready speech cards. They developed a lot of different authors and of different kinds of speech disorders. There is a common speech card, there are cards for OHP, dysarthria, dyslalia, rhinolalia and many variations.
If you don't know what kind of speech a violation of the deal, then there are special cards for ages, for example, for children up to years, for children from one year to three three years.
Prepare the necessary didactic and speech material for diagnosis. Let all needs be at hand. Refer to the map sections in advance and put necessary images.
Develop your own voice card, fill out all the required sections:- the passport part and the history of life;
- data on the course of speech development (items in this section: speech development by age; without features; pre-speech development delay; early psychomotor development was delayed; there were some sessions with a speech therapist; previously, psychomotor development delay; phrasal speech appeared in...years);
the condition and mobility of the speech apparatus (lips, teeth, tongue and the frenulum, hard and soft palate, occlusion);
- the state of General motor skills;
- as fine motor skills;
- understanding of speech;
- the pronunciation of sounds (OK, the shortcomings of pronunciation in isolation pronounces all the sounds correctly, increasing verbal load, there is a General blurred speech, there is no replacement distortion, blending sounds);
- phonemic processes;
- degree possession of sound–letter analysis and synthesis;
- reproduction of words difficult sound structure;
- rate, intelligibility of speech, prosodia;
- vocabulary (active and passive dictionaries);
- grammar;
- connected speech;
- coordination and spatial orientation;
- for more information;
conclusion and proposed corrective measures.For students add two more points: the skills of reading and writing.