Please note that in city driving experts recommend keeping fit, where the back to be at an angle of 30 degrees to the frame. For sports walks in the countryside should respect the position of the body at 45 degrees, and for the elderly body tilt, relative to vertical should be 60 to 90 degrees. Not all bikes can lift the wheel a lot. On some models to adjust the position of the helm can only be a few mm by adding more spacer rings. To reduce the height of the handlebars you can, if you put venom another type. Still, many bikes can be lowered or raise the steering wheel in the range of 25-35 mm.
Put the bike on the wheels, loosen the bolt removal, if necessary, all the rings ustanovite under the bar. Or just raise the steering wheel to the desired height. Now try to pull the bolt out or get the design with the help of the Allen key so that the design is not moved up and down. Then gently tighten lid-anchor. Perhaps for this you will need only a couple turns of the key. As a result, the design should be well-fixed, and the spacer ring should not rotate around its axis until the bike is.
Now align the wheel relative to the front wheel and firmly secure the bolts on the stem. If the design is poorly recorded, then repeat the procedure until, until it ceased to move. Otherwise, you can break the steering head bearings - those that are top and bottom under the Cup and on that account the whole weight of the bike. Tighten the cap anchor is not worth it, the wheel with the fork and wheel must turn freely and not luftig.