Enclose tentative labor contract with the employer, living in Ukraine. Only he will be able to assist you with the permit to work.
Please contact MVD to obtain the certificate of no criminal record. But if you once lived in Ukraine, make a request to the interior Ministry of this country and get the same help.
Check with your local PVA service office visa to Ukraine. This procedure usually does not take more than a week.
Immediately upon arrival to Ukraine please submit a copy of employment contract and passport to the local tax authorities and receive an identification number.
Contact with the employer in a special Commission at the employment Centre. Prepare for the fact that the meeting of the Commission for the review of personal files of foreign citizens who wish legally to register his career in Ukraine, held 1 time per month. Therefore, the resolution you will only get 30 days from the date of filing.
The employer must submit to the employment Center required documents:- application;
- your two color photos 3,5×4.5 cm;
- your ID number;
- a certified copy of the contract with you;
- a certificate stating that your future job is not related to access to classified information and does not require Ukrainian citizenship;
help (help) on your record;
- certified copies of your documents on education;
- a certified copy of your passport;
- a list of your future duties.
- your autobiography, written in free form.In addition, the employer must report to the Commission on the absence of debts to his organization before the court and tax authorities, and also to present a package of documents on the status of his enterprise. All documents must be translated into Ukrainian language or be legalized on the territory of Ukraine.