You will need
  • -snails;
  • -catfish;
  • -chemical preparations.
The most effective tool in the fight against green algae is a decrease in photoperiod to 6-8 hours. You should also reduce the brightness of illuminating lamps.
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Algae don't like it when they touch or move. Therefore, it is necessary as to collect them with a trap or wound on a stick. Increase the capacity of the filter to a high flow of water did not allow the algae to gain a foothold. Aeration on the contrary should be reduced. Algae do not like the small amount of oxygen in the water. Also run the aquarium floating on the surface of plants, they will shade the algae.
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As soon as you notice green algae, change the water changes in the aquarium. Try to change 10-20% water every day. So you don't give the algae to get used to the aquarium environment.
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In pet stores sell special products to prevent and control green algae. But read the label - they are harmful to some species of aquatic plants. Chemicals do not eliminate the cause of the algae. They deliver only visible greenery, and disputes still remain. If you need an emergency method of dealing with green algae, these drugs just for you. After these funds actually spent the above-described methods during the week for prevention.
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