You will need
  • peeling;
  • blue or red clay;
  • - burdock oil;
  • - badger fat;
  • - olive oil;
  • - vitamins a, E And C.
Buy a peel with enzymes and fruit acids. First wash in hot water (the hotter the better). And when the skin is steamed a little, clean it with a scrub. For washing better to use a washcloth with anti-cellulite effect, it will remove the Horny layer of the skin, help improve skin color.
Make a mask of blue or red clay. In diluted slurry, add a bit of olive oil and apply the mixture on problem areas. Then rinse the clay under running water.
Add in a body lotion a few capsules of vitamin E and A. it Has a good effect on the skin after shave cream, as it contains high doses of these vitamins and essential oils, softening the skin. But be careful, especially if your skin is too sensitive, you may experience an allergic reaction to vitamins.
Apply burdock oil on a goose 's skin, and wrap with cellophane so the effect was amplified. After 2-3 hours, rinse oil with warm water and neutral soap or shower gel.
Buy badger fat in the pharmacy. RUB it into the problem areas of the skin. The procedure is repeated once a day for one week. Then RUB in the fat to prevent every 7-10 days. Of course, the procedure is not pleasant, but it helps well.
If you have the money for salon procedures, you can take the help of professionals. Good effect of chocolate wraps and masks from seaweed. You will also receive the expert advice of a specialist who can advise on other methods of getting rid of goose skin.
Take vitamin complexes. If you do not carry a particular component, then drink vitamin a, C and E. Try eating variety of foods, not be amiss to gain a few pounds of weight, because sometimes goose bumps appear excessive thinness.