You will need
    • Egg shells from three eggs
    • water - 3 liters
    • ready bags of coral powder 1 EA.
Take the shells from the boiled eggs for making calcium water. It is believed that boiling does not alter the healing properties of the eggshell. If you decide to prepare the calcium water from raw eggs, remember that there is a risk of Contracting salmonellosis.Crush the shell. Place the dry crushed shells of three eggs in a glass container (jar) and add drinking water, please remember to clear the eggshells from the inner layer. Use the prepared water for tea, soup or dishes. Can be used continuously.Calcium water absorbed by the body much better than dry powdered eggshell. Add the water lemon juice for the most optimum absorption of calcium by the body.
Ease the method of preparing calcium water. Buy a bag of the dry mixture of coral. The basis material for the production of "coral calcium" is a skeletal part of a white coral growing in the sea of Japan. The most important property of this raw material is a unique chemical composition that corresponds to mineral composition of human bones. It contains trace amounts of more than seventy minerals. Such products offer some companies.Take one sachet of coral calcium and dissolve it in the amount of half a liter of clean (distilled or filtered) water. All ready to eat after a few minutes. Prepared coral drink water all day instead of plain water.Use the bags with calcium in fruit drinks, tea or any dish. Boil the coral water is not recommended, since calcium can collapse. Your body is cleansed, may be reduced weight, feeling much better. Contraindications coral water almost does not exist.
Use scheme: a half liter of purified water plus one sachet of coral calcium a day. Drink thirty minutes before meals and 2.5 hours after the glass.