Drawing snails start with her house. Its form depends on the type of the gastropod. The shells are conical in shape and are spirally curved. Remember that all snails have a spiral shell is unwound from the center clockwise to the base. This rule applies to houses of all types – both helical and conical. Please note that the snails of the first type shell is twisted in two directions around him and to the side. If you draw a snail in the natural environment, maintain its proportions relative to other objects. For example, helix pomatia reaches 4-5 inches.
When the shell is ready, start drawing the body of the snail, also called "leg". She stands from under the sink in both directions, but could easily fit inside. Reflect the fact that the surface of the body covered with wrinkles, due to which it is stretched, and the clam can move. The lower part of the legs is provided with a sole, which is lubricated with mucus.
At the front of the foot snail has a mouth opening. On mouth opening, draw two pairs of tentacles. At first small, which together form an obtuse angle. Above them is another pair of longer tentacles, they are mobile and the pattern can be pointing in different directions. At the ends of long tentacles draw the small eyes of the mollusk.
After the pencil sketch is ready, let's proceed to the coloring picture. For sink use the colors brown, yellow, white colors. The color of the snail and its house depends on the environment and the intensity of sunlight in the area where she lives. Also the color show that the sink has a ribbed structure, light and dark stripes on it alternate. Color legs mollusk heterogeneous, draw scheduled for body wrinkles color. The tentacles are a lighter color, make them semi-transparent.