If you were born from 23 March to 5 April, your rune – FEU. Such people are the owners, while endowed with creative potential who are prone to despair.
Born 6 through April 21 corresponds to Uruz. This rune helps his master to bring to life all your own. In men Uruz increases masculinity, and women enhances the femininity.
The following rune Thurisaz (from 22 April to 6 may). These people - born wrestlers, and turizas helps them to overcome their fears.
7 through 21 may correspond to ansuz. These people are sensitive and wise, have an artistic gift. The rune grants its master the skills of communication and inspiration.
From 22 may to 6 June period lasts raido. People born under this rune tend to travel tend to be in motion. Master raido will help to see new perspectives, protection from threats on the way.
People born from 7 to 22 June helps Kenaz. Under its influence possess creative potential. Kenaz gives clarity of thought, helps to see what needs to change in my life.
Born June 23 July 7 - Gebo. These people - inconsistent nature, inclined to sacrifice themselves. Gebo helps to learn how to effectively use and benefit of any action.
Born from 8 to 23 July appeared under wunjo. These people seek happiness, to the execution of daring desires. Wunjo also helps them to improve their skills and to see the essence of things.
Born from 24 July to 8 August patronage of Hagalaz. These are strong people, often not able to control his anger. Hagalaz helps them to curb the emotions, and develops intuition.
From 9 to 23 August dominated by nautiz. Those born under this rune elect purpose, and nothing can knock them out of the way. Nautiz helps to fight stress and overcome crises, to develop perseverance.
People born from August 24 to September 8 correspond to ISA. Her charges leisurely and responsible for their actions. ISA helps to clear the mind for meditation, to strengthen the will.
Hyeres – patron of people born from 9 to 23 September. These people are consistent, like to work. Yer helps them to live in harmony with nature.
From 24 September to 8 October born people, whose rune is of Eyvaz. People born at this time, tough, honest and prone to pragmatism. Rune helps them to avoid confusion, to overcome the fear of death.
Born from 9 to 23 October helps Perth. It is the rune of the people associated with the occult. They are very concerned about spiritual development – without it they cannot achieve prosperity. Perth helps you find joy in everyday activities and to bring hope.
From 24 October to 7 November is the Kingdom of rune Algiz. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. The rune helps to generate creative ideas to decline the negative impacts and to find strength.
People born under solo in the period from November 8 to 22, are incredibly hardy, able to see the essence of things. Solo helps to achieve enlightenment, to gain inner vision.
From 23 November to 7 December, there comes a time teyvaz. People born under the teyvaz, ready to fight for their ideals and principles aside. And their rune helps them to be more vigilant and to streamline its work.
From 8 to 22 December – the time of the rune berkana. These people are caring and compassionate, they present a developed feminine. Berkana helps to strengthen the relationship.
People born under awasom (December 22 – January 6) highly adaptable, but prevents them from living the inability to forgive. Eyvaz it helps them as helps to build relationships with people.
From 7 to 21 January dominates the rune Mannaz. Its people are modest and strive for perfection, and they are cunning and resourceful. Mannaz helps to know yourself and strengthen your intuition.
Wards laguz (January 22 – February 5) energetic and unpredictable. Their fleece helps them to adapt to changing circumstances.
Those born under the inguz (6 – 20 Feb) dependent on your mood. Inguz helps them self-realisation, strengthens faith in yourself.
For those born under Odal (21 February – 8 March) it is important to realize your potential, what it helps Odal.
Born 9 – March 22, under the rune Dagaz unpredictable and get involved in any adventure. Their rune teaches us to understand ourselves and the essence of surrounding things.