You will need
  • paper, ruler, pencil, eraser, brush, black paint.
The first thing you need to do – processing. In the right part of the sheet is held vertically straight. She is drawn perpendicular to another straight line, and built two trapezoids, which have one common base. The height of the upper trapezoid is approximately two times higher than the bottom. It is important that the top of a trapezoid base angle was more acute than at the lower.
To paint the forehead and nose of Pushkinmust be from a stupid angle the top of the trapezoid to draw a line that is slightly deviated from the inclined side towards the middle and flows into a sharp angle, which is the nose. They need to smooth out the angle and line to outline the nostril. Then it is necessary to retreat from the edge of the nose and draw the upper lip which will take about a third of the height of the lower trapezoid. The remaining two-thirds is a chin.
About level with where the nose of Pushkin goes to the forehead, stepping back a bit, you need to draw the eye. Two slashes at the top symbolize the upper eyelid. Below the oblique line one line lower lash. A few strokes, you can identify the iris of the eye. At the same level you have to draw a shifted brow of the poet and to point out a few wrinkles. Without lifting the pencil from the paper, you need to draw bushy sideburns Pushkin, they are drawn on a "tree" like in kindergarten. Line, you must separate the area of hair growth from the neck.
We just need to draw the curls. On the forehead they are raised back form the curls. Pushkin was proud of his hair, so you should not leave it with two or three curls.
Now you need to remove the excess pencil lines and thin brush to hold all the lines of the portrait with black paint. The area of the whiskers to paint completely. When the paint dries completely, to once again walk the pattern with the eraser tool.