Advice 1: How to cook delicious hedgehogs

Hedgehogs – very tasty meatballs made of rice and minced meat. They combine the taste and meat and vegetable dishes. Hedgehogs are pretty easy to prepare. Perhaps the most difficult part is to choose what kind of meat to make meat balls with rice. It is usually cooked with pork, beef and chicken. Various combinations are also welcomed, while the proportions may be at their taste preferences.
How to cook delicious hedgehogs
You will need
    • pork meat - 300 g;
    • the flesh of beef - 300 g;
    • long grain rice - 1 Cup;
    • onions - 2 heads;
    • carrots - 1 piece;
    • salt
    • pepper;
    • tomato paste;
    • garlic;
    • meat broth or water.
The first method of preparation involves the use of cooked rice. Prepare minced pork and beef. With meat, remove the film and tendons. Then loop through a meat grinder. Peel the onion and cut it into pieces. Onion along with the beef mince. This will add juiciness to the meat.
On a coarse grater grate the carrots. Finely chop the second onion. In vegetable oil fry onions and carrots. Pour in the pan glass of rice. Rinse it under running water until the flowing water is no longer cloudy. Boiling water pour rice and boil until soft.
In a large bowl, mix beef, cooked rice, roasted carrots and onions. Pepper and salt to taste. The resulting mixture mix well. Soaked in cold water with your hands take pieces of meat and form small balls 20-30 grams each. Balls lay in a deep skillet so that they do not touch each other.
In a bowl mix ketchup with mayonnaise, add a small amount of water. Sauce pour the cooked hedgehogs in the saucepan so that they were hiding only half. Cover the pot or close obtyanite foil. Put in the oven. Ten minutes until cooked remove the lid to brown the patties.
Hedgehogs can be prepared using raw rice. For this stuffing, which is passed through a meat grinder, along with chopped onion, add a glass of clean dry rice. A mass of stir fried carrots and onions. Add pepper and salt to taste. Make round patties. In a hot pan quickly fry them to a crisp. Place in a deep saucepan.
Hedgehogs pour two cups of beef broth. And add two tablespoons of tomato paste, three Bay leaves, five peas of black pepper, two cloves of garlic, crushed with salt. If necessary add water. The liquid should completely cover the tent. Saucepan put on a small fire. Within thirty minutes to simmer, covered.
When you buy ready minced meat, keep in mind that a quality product will not cost less than fresh meat.
Useful advice
Grinding meat choose with fat, so the dish will be more juicy.

Advice 2: How to cook "hedgehogs" of meat and rice

"Hedgehogs" - the meatballs of minced meat with rice. Most often they are round in shape. The appearance of the finished product, with protruding needles of rice, reminiscent of a hedgehog. "Hedgehogs" can be baked in the oven or simmer in sauce.
How to cook "hedgehogs" of meat and rice
You will need
    • pork meat (300 g)
    • the flesh of beef ( 300 g)
    • long grain rice (1 Cup)
    • onions (2 heads)
    • carrot (1 piece)
    • salt
    • pepper
    • tomato paste
    • garlic
    • meat broth or water
"Hedgehogs" with boiled rice
Make minced beef and pork. Meat clean from the films and tendons and mince.
Clean the onion. Cut into pieces and mince together with meat. It gives the meat juiciness.
Carrots grate on a coarse grater. The second onion finely chop. Sauté carrots with onions in vegetable oil.The Cup of rice into a sieve and rinse under running water until flowing water is clear. Pour the rice with boiling water and boil until soft.
Mix in a bowl the minced meat, fried onions and carrots, cooked rice.
Add salt and pepper to taste. All mix well. With wet hands, take pieces of ground beef and form the balls for 20 – 30g each. Place the balls in a deep casserole so that they do not touch each other.
Mix in a bowl the mayonnaise with the ketchup, add a little water. Pour mixture prepared "hedgehogs" in the skillet so that the liquid half concealed. The casserole cover with lid or foil obtyanite.Put in the oven. 10 minutes until cooked remove the lid to brown the cutlets.
"Hedgehogs" with rice.
In minced beef with onions, add a Cup of dry rice. Mix the mass with fried onion and carrots. Salt, add pepper to taste. Form round patties. A quick saute in a hot pan until brown. Place in a deep saucepan.
Pour "hedgehogs" two cups of beef broth. Add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, 3 Bay leaf, 5 peas of black pepper, two cloves pounded with salt and garlic. If necessary, add water. The sauce should completely cover the "hedgehogs". Put on a slow fire. Simmer, covered for 30 minutes.
When you buy ready minced meat, remember that good beef can cost less than raw meat.
Useful advice
Grinding meat take off the fat, product was more juicy.

Advice 3: How to cook hedgehogs from minced meat

Hedgehogs of minced meat is very tasty and satisfying dish that will look great both on conventional and on the holiday table. Preparing them will not take a lot of energy, but family and friends will be very happy.
How to cook hedgehogs from minced meat
You will need
    • Beef – 0.5 kg.;
    • pork – 0.3 kg.;
    • onions - 2 pieces;
    • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
    • rice 0.8 glass;
    • eggs - 2 pieces;
    • sour cream 450 grams;
    • mayonnaise - 150 grams;
    • ketchup - 3-4 tablespoons;
    • salt
    • pepper – to taste.
Skip the beef and pork through a meat grinder.
Add the mince and finely chopped onion, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.
Boil the rice until soft.
Mix it with ground meat, add eggs and mix thoroughly.
From the resulting mass roll into small balls – "hedgehogs".
A roaster or casserole and spread with oil, gently place in a container of "hedgehogs" of minced meat.
Prepare sauce, thoroughly mix mayonnaise and ketchup.
Pour "hedgehogs" sauce. Put in oven preheated to 180 degrees and simmer for 1 hour. Before serving, decorate the dish with greens.
Bon appetit!

Advice 4: What can you make out the remaining cooked rice

Sometimes after cooking a meal remains Fig. No need to throw it away, because remnants of the sweet. Of already boiled cooked rice you will quickly make sushi, hedgehogs, stuffed peppers, casseroles, meatballs and more.


If you have boiled rice, cook of his "Hedgehogs". In a glass of boiled grain take:

- 300 g pork-beef minced meat;
- 1 egg;
- 1 medium onions;
- 2 tbsp tomato paste;
- 200 g of sour cream;
- 2 sprigs of parsley;

Peeled onions cut as small as you can, or gently RUB it on a fine grater. Put the rice in a bowl, mince the onion, add the egg, salt, mix well ground. Dip hands in water, mold round meatballs the size of a chicken egg. Next, you can boil or bake "Hedgehogs".

If you select the first method, put rice balls in the pan, pour in it boiling water. It is necessary so that it does not reach the upper "Hedgehog" 4 see Make the sauce. Mixing sour cream with tomato paste, and add a few sprigs of parsley to the broth. Water the sunflower, remove the foam, cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

To prepare the "Hedgehogs" in the oven, place them on oiled baking pan, pour tomato-sour cream sauce, put the pan in the oven, preheated to 190оС for 25 minutes.

This same stuffing you can use for making stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage. To make the last of the cabbage, cut the leaves, put them for 2 minutes in boiling water. Let cool, put the stuffing, wrap the sheet laterally, and then – 2 times in half. Tie each stuffed cabbage with white thread, put in a wide pot, simmer the water with the sauce for 25 minutes. Before serving, carefully cut the thread.

Sweet dishes

The heat will freshen the soup in which you can put leftover rice. If you already have cooked compote, you will make this dish for a minute. Put in a bowl 2 tbsp of boiled rice, fill it with 250 grams of compote. Easy sweet soup is ready. If no compote, cook it from dried fruits or fresh fruits. For the latter, take:

- 1 Apple;
- 2 pears;
- 150 g of dried apricots;
- 100 g of raisins;
- 2 plums;
- 1,5 l of water;
- 2 tbsp of sugar;
- 1 tbsp starch.

Put water in a saucepan on the fire. When the liquid boils, put the washed raisins and dried apricots, and let cook 15 minutes. Then add the chopped squares of pears, apples and plums, stir in the sugar, hold it on low heat for another 10 minutes. Starch dissolve in 50 g of water, immediately pour a thin stream in the compote, stir intensely for 20 seconds, turn off the burner. You can pour the rice in a bowl of hot or cold compote.

Sweet tooth will enjoy the meatballs and rice with curd. For their preparation you will need:

- 1 Cup boiled rice;
- 1 egg;
- 3 tbsp of sugar;
- pinch of vanilla;
- 100 g of cottage cheese;
- 4 tbsp of flour.

Mix all ingredients, shape of the mass of the meatballs. Each piece roll in flour, fry in butter in a frying pan on both sides until Browning.
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