You will need
  • broken black umbrella;
  • short black lightning;
  • -bias binding in black color;
  • -black fabric on the hood;
  • -cardboard;
  • -a sharp knife;
  • -latex paint;
  • black gouache;
  • -Lac;
  • the pattern of the hood;
  • -Laundry gum;
  • glue;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -thread, needles, paint, brushes.
The costume consists of two parts — a mask and Cape. Need more black pants, but you'll probably find in the nearest store or even at home in the closet. Cloak, take an old black umbrella. Remove it from the handle and spokes. Cut the top of the umbrella. Hole do this to make the cut under the neck".
Make an incision from the neck along the length of the zipper. The head needs to move freely in the hole. Fold the cut edge to 0, 5 see Baste and pristrochite zipper. Treat the neck with bias binding.
Hat sew pattern of any hood. In addition, the store work clothes can be the bonnet that workers of certain professions wear under a helmet. Must be cut to size. If nothing there, draw the pattern yourself. Measure the head. You need two measurements — poluobhvat head and the height from shoulder to the top. Draw a rectangle. Determine where the front part. Leave it as is. On the rear part of the upper corner bevel arc.
Take 2 parts of the hood. Fold them right sides to each other, and astrocyte Ratatouille back seam. The other side of the bend on the wrong side twice and hem. It is possible from the inside at the throat to sew a strip of fabric to make a drawstring for the elastic or drawstring. But you can not do this, since the bottom of the hood will refuel under the neck of his cloak.
Make some from cardboard mask. In principle, it is no different from any other wide carnival masks. Draw a straight line equal to the width of the forehead. Continue its territory from 8 to 19 cm, Divide the line in half and drop down a perpendicular whose length is equal to the height of the forehead, plus half of the nose. From the ends of the original line is also lower down the normals a bit shorter than the medial. Connect the end of the medial perpendicular with the ends of the side. Mark places for eyes, draw a horizontal oval. Cut out the mask.
Make the ears. It's just 2 long diamond from the same cardboard. A little bend on the long diagonal. If the cardboard is not very thick, make them double.
Twist the mask to the tube in order to give it the right bend. To the sides glue or sew the ears. Attach the elastic band. It can be glued to the reverse side of the mask and gluing to strengthen the cardboard circles or squares. You can use duct tape. Try on the mask and adjust the size.
Prime the mask with latex paint. Cover it with black gouache paint, then varnished. Drying her best on the big Bank that she kept bending.