Prepare everything you need for work. Remember that there are at least two ways to obtain the desired "decoration" on your body. In the first case, you will need silver color aluminium foil and an ordinary white chalk. In the second – gray-blue-violet palette eyeshadow, concealer or Foundation. In any case, first determine in what place will sham hematoma. Please note that the hematoma on the knee you can easily solve and record answers on tests. But with a decent size bruise on the back of the wrist to write anything very difficult due to pronounced pain syndrome, occurs when any movement of the brush.
If you decide to use the first option, liberally RUB the selected area of skin with chalk. Next, roll a small piece of foil into a rough ball and RUB intensely right place foil on top of the chalk. This leads to the fact that the place, RUB the foil darkens, acquiring a characteristic lead-gray color. For more realism, moisten the surface of sinusny water. To distinguish a hematoma from a bruise this can only be a doctor. But remember, to draw a ruin must be immediately before the demonstration, as he quickly erased and stored for long.
To depict bruising with decorative shadows, we must consider that there should be many different shades from yellow-green to dark purple. First put on the wrist a basis for makeup to be more resistant. Then the shade a neutral color (preferably brown) and again the tonal basis that the drawing was not erased. And finally, have fun and shape and shades, remembering that the center of the black usually has a dark-purple color, and the periphery of the yellow.