Advice 1: How to connect the Sega to the TV

Sega is a gaming console, a peak which was popular in the 90-ies of the last century. Despite its venerable age, it can still be used for games. Is it possible to combine the old console with a modern TV?
Despite its venerable age, "Sega" still popular"
How to connect the Sega to the TV

It would seem that in the presence of a modern personal computer can do without most consoles. Because the aid of nostalgic gamers can come special programs — emulators. These programs create a virtual environment where you can run games written for one or another console. There are programs and games of "Shogi".

Moreover, the emulators "Sega" is for mobile phones and tablets using the Android system. Simply install the program, download favorite games to customize the controls and you can play.

But what if you want to get out of storage an old console, to dust off the box that holds the cartridges, and invite your friends to play your favorite games? Today many houses are modern flatscreen TV. However, the interfaces of "Shogi" allows you to connect it to this receiver.

Connection "Shogi" with the AV cable

The best way to connect — use the AV cable. For the distinctive look of plugs these cables are called "tulips". One of the channels of the cable responsible for sound transmission, the other transmits the signal. Almost all models of modern TV sets equipped with the appropriate connectors.

Connect one end of the wire to the "neg" and the other to the TV, following the color coding. Find the button on the remote, switching the signal sources. If your TV receiver has several entrances, and you're not sure which of them are involved, insert the cartridge and turn on the console.

Going through different entrances, you will find a picture with "Shogi". Console ready to play with. This connection method is good in that it provides a better image quality.

In some televisions the role of the AV-connector plays a different interface — SCART. Its popular name — "comb". You can buy the AV adapter-SCART in most stores for ham radio.

Connecting to it via console, configure the TV just as in the case of conventional AV. Please note that some adapters of this type can be switch in/out, change the direction of the signal. Put it in the position in.

Connection via antenna cable

What to do if you have no way of connecting to the AV connector? It's a loose cable, broken or missing connector on the TV? Not
trouble. There is another way.

Use coaxial cable. It is used to connect the antenna socket, which must be equipped with any serviceable receiver. The disadvantages of this connection type "Shogi" — lower the picture quality and difficulty settings.

Combining Sega and a TV with cable, insert in the console the cartridge and turn it on. This is a necessary condition, because you will need to configure the channel on the frequency of attachment, and for that she needs to send the signal.

Turning on the console, switch your TV set to the free program. Activate the function settings TV channels. Exhausting air frequencies, your device will find the signal from the console.

Get the highest quality image and sound. If necessary, use the fine adjustment. Now you can play.

Advice 2: How to connect tablet to TV

Often owners of tablet computers, there is a need to connect the device to your TVto view on the big screen photos, videos, play games. However, not all users know how to connect the tablet to the TV.
How to connect tablet to TV

How to connect tablet to TV via HDMI

HDMI is the optimal solution for connecting any mobile devices to the TV. This cable is not only transmitted the video signal of high quality, but also the sound. Most modern plasma TVs are equipped with this connector, however, not all tablets have the option. If you plan to use the TV as a monitor, you should initially choose the Chinese model with the release of mini-HDMI or micro-HDMI. To connect a special cable between the HDMI connectors. The kit is not included, so you need to purchase it separately. But the connection is carried out without any additional settings. The only thing you need to do is choose the TV's special channel - HDMI.

You can connect your tablet to your TV via MicroUSB

To connect via MicroUSB, it is necessary that this port is MHL supported. This standard was developed specifically for mobile devices and allows you to transfer from your tablet to TV, audio and high-definition video via a USB connection and also charge the mobile device. To connect you need to purchase an adapter from USB to HDMI and the cable as in the previous case. However, while the market one of the rare tablets with USB port MHL.

How to connect a TV to the tablet through RCA cable

Not so long ago, wire type Tulip has been used to transmit audio and video signal from almost all devices. Very rarely, however, such connectors can be found in Chinese tablets.

How to connect a TV to the tablet via Wi-Fi

How to connect the tablet to the TV, if it does not have any of these connectors? Here can help Wi-Fi. Of course, if your TV supports this connection. To connect you need to install DLNA server and connect to the device wirelessly. However, this connection cannot use all functions of the tablet.
Useful advice
Most often, the TV and the tablet can be connected using the USB connector. This connection does not transmit audio and video signal, so the tablet will be detected as a flash drive.
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