With the appearance of a puppy in your house starts his education and training. Even the baby don't let to do something that will not be allowed adult dog: begging at the table, sleep on your bed and the couch, chew on wires, clothes and shoes. Kids can rein in loud command "Fu!" or "No" puppies older are allowed to slap a newspaper, an adult dog – strap. Even a light slap Dachshund perceive as punishment, but realize that you can not do, only if it followed a fault.
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The most important command "come" will be easily understood by the puppy, if during feeding you will call the dog that way. When working out the other teams and skills, use that as a reward, some kind of treat .
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For dog safety on the street, teach her the command "Next". Perform the exercise on a leash. As soon as the taxi stops adhere to your step, change direction to the opposite. Such a tangible response to its haste or slow, the Dachshund quickly remember and follow this command, especially if obedience will be rewarded.
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Useful command "Sit" when the fee can be forced to pull your back legs and sit down by pressing slightly on the croup or on the left hand shoulder where the dog is "pressure point". It is used in the relationship between dogs, dominant dogs put pressure on it when it is necessary to show superiority. When the dog sits, and she will be able to stay in this position for some time, and stroke and praise her, treat yum-yum. When she wakes up, again repeat the exercise. One session should not last more than 10 minutes. Go back to the testing team after a while.
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Once your Dachshund has learned to perform the "Sit" command, navigate to the command "down". Sit her down on the floor. Clearly, say the command "down" and gently pull her front paws, forcing to lie down. Praise her, give a reward and repeat the exercise a couple more times. After some time to fix the received skill.
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