Speed bumps must meet certain technical requirements. It is set to limit speed to 40km/h. By construction, they are prefabricated and monolithic. The length of obstacles should not be less than the width of the roadway. Permitted deviation in 20 cm on each side.
Before installing the humps should be installed a drainage from the roadway. You must install appropriate signs and to apply a certain markup.
Monolithic construction should be made of asphalt and can be wave-like or trapezoidal. You should also pay attention to the slope, which is adjustable in accordance with the presence dazdarian wells.
Collapsible design consists of a geometrically similar and matching items, and is made of elastic material with a fixed hardness from 55 conventional units. Before installing a speed bump is needed in the way the corresponding holes. Allowed to use single layer or double layer structure.
On the surface of artificial roughness applied retroreflective elements which are oriented in the direction of traffic. Their area shall be not less than 15% of the total area of a speed bump.
The bumps are only installed on asphalt and concrete surfaces where there is artificial lighting. The necessity of installation is determined based on the conditions on a specific section of road taking into account traffic volume. Speed bumps are installed at dangerous sections of roads, educational and training institutions, stadiums, stations, shops, residential area.