Advice 1: How to diminish the loop in the header

Cute knitted hat that everyone pay attention - the real reason to be proud needlewomen. This garment is always in sight, because its implementation requires special skills. If you learn how to diminish the loop in the header, you can create different models, from simple round products to funny caps with pompoms.
How to diminish the loop in the header
You will need
  • Circular needles
  • Two straight knitting needles
  • Yarn
  • Needle run side seams
  • Hook
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
Learn basic control loops in a simple round hat. Your task is to associate the product with circular knitting basic pattern approximately to the height of 12-16 see the Beginning of bauleni (corner model) is calculated individually. For this you need to try nadopasana cap on his head.
Do the subtraction in the front rows of knitting. For example, after every ten loops promazyvaya from two loops at the same time. In the front row next do the subtraction, counting 8 loops. Thus knit together for two loops on each second working row 6, 4 loops etc. In the end, you should have a ring of 10-12 loops.
Collect the remaining loops on the fold and thread the same color and tighten the top caps. With a hook drag the remaining "tail" on the wrong side of knitted products.
Try the decrease of loops in the cap-the cap. More narrow and short cap you will succeed if you start gradually remove the cap almost from the beginning of knitting. Now, tie two needles about 4 cm leaf garter viscous or elastic 1x1. Now you can create a model of the type of "Pinocchio", alternating colored strips, or choose any other pattern.
From start to purl together for two loops on the front side of the product. Subtraction make in regular intervals in every third row. So remove one loop 5 times; then four loops 3 times. Continue until knitting needles you will have only a dozen loops it will be approximately at a distance of 30 cm from the beginning of the work.
Swipe to cut the working thread through the open loops and pull the top of the model. Boca knitted hats sew together.
For a more broad and long cap you need to associate 20-25 centimeters of canvas, and then start the decrease of loops in the header. At the beginning and end of each row you need to purl the two loops together. So continue to do every sixth working front row. The rest of the top 10-12 loops pull, as in the previous cases.
Useful advice
To give the hat-the hat a finished look, learn the technique of making POM-POM.
Cut from thick cardboard with two identical circles (their size depends on the desired size of pompon), fold them together and draw a small circle (with a ruble coin) in the center. Cut out the Central circle. Now very tightly wrap yarn cardboard frame, passing the yarn through the middle of it. With scissors, cut the threads at the edges of stacked cardboard circles. Tighten the rather long "tail" between them (with his help you will attach the pompom to the hat). Make a solid node and unplug the bobble of the cardboard base.

Advice 2: How to subtract loop crochet

In crochet there are many patterns and products that require the subtraction of loops – it's mittens, socks, scarves, caps, back, shelves, sleeves pullovers and sweaters and much more. The decrease of loops in a knitted fabric decreases and the gain increases.
The decrease of loops in a knitted fabric decreases and the gain increases
If you have already linked a number of, then you need to subtract a few loops provarite their columns without nakida, then continue to knit columns of the pattern to a specified location at the end of the row so that in the end remains the same are not related to you columns as you diminished at the beginning of the series. To smooth out the jagged edge left over from the subtraction of loops, and tie it late in the columns without nakida.
If the hinges have not abated in the beginning and in the middle of the knitted part, proverite in the same row together in two columns, skipping between them is equal to the number of loops. For example, using one or two loops promazyvaya bars are not as usual, and immediately two. To do this, enter the hook into the loop and pull through the loop caught by the thread. Then enter the hook into the next loop and again catch the thread and then pull through the loop. Provarite along three loops, which were produced after the action you have on the hook. Continue to diminish the loop this way until the end of the row.
Another method of subtraction loops – promazyvanie columns in one loop. Skipping every other loop in knitting, you thereby diminish the number of loops and narrow the canvas. This method is faster than the previous and suitable for knitting large items that require large time investments.
To obtain this form you will need to add or subtract loops and columns of the pattern. The decrease of the loops in the middle parts. Promazyvayut in one row by two columns together using the same number of columns and one or more rows of the pattern. The hook injected into the loop of the bottom row, pick up the thread, stretch it through the loop and leave on hook nepovezane.
Useful advice
For quality crochet items of clothing and other things you need to learn several ways of addition and subtraction of loops in a knitted cloth. Adding a loop inside the row. Knit into two columns in one loop of the bottom row. Method 2: Between two columns to gain a single air loop, which in the next row, knit into the additional column. Simple control loops on the edge.
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