You will need
  • stockings with a thickening;
  • - belt buckles.
Choose a corset and suspenders as thoroughly as possible: to properly attach them to the stockings, it is necessary that these things were perfectly suitable for your figure. They should fit the body without causing discomfort. Right accessories ensure that stockings will not SAG, but not tear from over-tightening, and in addition, will retain the shape regardless of your posture.
Search for suspenders with metal clasps. This is the best and proven option, which is tightly connected with stockings and not tearing them. The remaining fasteners may slip or scratch your skin, and some do not provide a reliable fixation. Pick the right stockings with a thick top, suggesting the possibility of attaching clasps. The best material for such clothes is the silk.
Pay attention to the process of proper donning of the stocking. Start with the feet, placing the seam right in the middle and make sure that the toe met the fingers. Carefully turn the stocking: it should end about mid-thigh. Flatten it by sliding your hands along the legs, and then smooth it over.
Adjust the length of the belt buckles, and place it so that two fasteners were placed in front, two behind. The mounting scheme is very simple, but for the first time can be difficult. Putting on the belt for the first time, leave plenty of time for training.
In advance check with the seller how to attach the stockings to the belt. Buy it and stocking the store with quality underwear (it is a mistake to think that they can only be found in retail outlets, representing goods of sexual orientation), and then you will get not only guaranteed good stuff, but also a detailed consultation. In some shops the sellers can show you how to attach the belt on the mannequin. Don't hesitate to ask questions of the consultants treat them calmly and deal exclusively with professional point of view.