You will need
  • cloth;
  • -needle;
  • -threads;
  • -a pair of scissors.
Kimono is entirely composed of rectangular parts. So take a large rectangle whose length is two the desired length of the product (one will go on the back, the second on the front). The width of the rectangle is 72 centimeters. Set in the middle of the neck. It will draw on the intended shoulder line a straight line equal to the poluobhvat neck, and then pririsuyte to her a semicircle. Raschertite rectangle into two halves along. Cut it into 4 pieces - two front and two shelves of the back which is already included cutout for the neck.
Make some sleeves. To do this, draw two rectangles with a width of 54 centimeters and a length of 75 centimeters. Take the detail of the collar (three strips with a length equal to the length and width of 12 cm) and two shelves - extensions. Shelves are two rectangle with a length equal to the length of the product, and their width is 18 inches.
Stitch between the parts of the back. Connect them with the front shelves at the shoulder seam. Then sew to the shelves extensions for them.
Now fold the piece of sleeve in half and sew it to make a "pipe". Sewn along the edge with a width of 54 centimeters.
Sew the sleeves to the product. Look at the shoulder seam. The seam of the sleeve should be a continuation of the shoulder seam.
Sew the side seams of the product extending from the sleeve to the very bottom. Now try on a kimono and fold the console to the front shelves so as to form a triangular cutout. Cut off the excess fabric, sew top collar detail. The collar is a stitched three in one tape strip. Treat all edges of the product.
Again try the product. It should be tied on the waist wide waistband. Take detail belt from any contrast material.