You will need
  • Computer, the antivirus program ESET NOD32
Close the registry of a virus can not be. But in the registry settings which are responsible for application startup, there may be a link to malware or a virus. Before starting the cleaning process, you must set additional parameters that will help to detect and solve the problem.
Further removal instructions malicious links and registry keys will be given on the example of the antivirus program ESET NOD32. Menu antivirus. This can be done simply by double-clicking the mouse on the program icon on the taskbar of the operating system. In the program menu, select "Scan". The window displays the possible scanning options of the computer from which select "Custom scan".
The top line is called "scan Profile". Click on the arrow near the row. Opens the name of the scanning profile. Among them select "smart scan". This method will allow more details to check unknown files.
The following line is called "Objects scan". Select all the objects that will be in this window, even including RAM and virtual drives. Below in this window there is also the option "settings". Click on it with the left mouse button and in the appeared window select the tab "Methods". In the next window check all the items ticked, and then click OK.
Next, select the tab "Cleaning". Bar appears with which you can specify the level of cleaning. Move the slider to the right to line "Thorough cleaning". Then again press OK.
Now that all the parameters of the antivirus programs are set, click on "Scan". Wait until the process is complete. If antivirus will be detected potentially harmful software or links, they will be removed automatically. After the scan is complete, restart the computer.