First and foremost, you must have a genuine interest in the process of production and serving of the drink. You have to like the process of cooking and serving of the beverage, communication with customers (remember, customers can be quite different). The man who will not be able to stand for about eight hours, is also unlikely to be a good bartender — he simply will quickly get tired physically, and the work he will be not happy. However, if You love dealing with people and are confident that this work will be to your liking, nothing can hinder You to become a bartender.

This requires, first and foremost, against an appropriate course of training — for example, to enroll bartenders. Usually find such courses in almost every major city, and to select the most high quality and interesting courses, use the recommendations of friends, friends or graduates of certain courses. But just go training is not enough — the bartender needs to understand what his job is, and to be as motivated. The principal incentives for any bartender should be the pleasure of the client and the profitability of the institution.

The bartender always monitors the quality of served drinks, monitors compliance with all rules of hygiene and security, decide on the purchase of equipment and an adequate supply of drinks for the bar. Also on the shoulders of the bartender goes to the cash flow control and mapping of the bar. So every bartender should ideally know the rules to serve drinks, to be able to handle all the bar tools and accessories, know all the classic cocktail recipes, and be able to make their own recipes that will be the hallmark of the institution.

Another important quality of a bartender — mannered. The bartender must comply with all rules of courtesy, be obliging and honest man, to be able to listen to their customers, while maintaining a certain distance. If You are sure that possess all the above qualities, the job as a bartender suits You, and You can safely try their hand at this profession.