Please contact the Studio if you don't trust my tailor's art. Besides the fact that the respective institution will provide you quality and professional reshaping, the consultants you will gather ideas to change coats. Listen to their advice and prepare yourself for the fact that affect the final image, every detail.
Examine the fur of their coats, it certainly was formed of wear. Figure out how to beat or to disguise bald spots. Decorate bald places panels of other fur or cloth, a particularly interesting option would be suede, which combined with the fur today quite popular.
Replace the lining. Even this small step will allow the coat to look in a completely different way compared to the boring option. Choose the color that will lift your spirits and warm, because in winter everything is subject to breakdown and need support, which can be any little thing.
Compose the belt of his sheepskin. Let it be creative the element: flick through fashion magazines, browse the relevant sites. If there is no materials, and the sheepskin coat with belt, it is possible to cover it over with cloth and decorated with decorative elements. Do not give up ideas if your model is not expected belt to tie it is possible without special hardware.
Adjust the clasp. Use any, as long as they withstood heavy weight coats. Change store-bought, decorate them to your liking.
Armed with a pattern and sew a detachable hood. It will give the old product a completely new look, so even you won't recognize the changed coats. Execute it in the same colors or experiment with color. Change the style of coats: usate it or, conversely, do a little freer.