If you decide to call to Kazakhstan from a public phone, you will need a phone card. You can buy it at any post office, as well as many stalls selling Newspapers.
To call to Kazakhstan from a landline, you must first dial 8. Waiting for dial tone, dial 10. 10 is a code for international communication. Then figure 7 is a telephone code assigned to Kazakhstan. You can then proceed to dial city code, followed directly dial the subscriber's number whom you are calling.
For those subscribers who are in the country, whose phone code coincides with the code of Kazakhstan is 7, you can not dial the exit code for international calls, and immediately start dialing. Russia has telephone code 7, so this is from a landline phone to call just dialing 8, and then have to wait for the dial tone and immediately dial the area code and number you want.
Call from mobile to stationary to make it even easier. Dial +7, then the area code and the phone number of the desired subscriber. Some mobile operators require that instead of +7 were recruited figure 8. SMS are sent on the same principle.
To call mobile numbers from Russia to the mobile number in Kazakhstan, just type it. No additional codes are required.
If you are calling from country code which is different from 7, then you need to dial a number in accordance with its rules. For example, for Ukraine, call from a stationary phone in the following way. First dial 0 – a long distance relationship. Redial the digits 0 means get to the international line. Now you should dial the code of Kazakhstan is 7. Then the area code and phone number.