You will need
  • matches
In order to learn how to build matchstick castles, you need to master the technology connections match the cubes – a cube is the basis of any matchbox house, and the building material for a large castle.
Connect the cubes with each other without the use of glue and other devices. Before learning to combine them, make two identical dice out of matches just as if you'd done the basis for a simple matchbox houses. To do this, put two matches as a basis, and to them six matches, alternating between heads. On top of these six put six more matches.
Matches need to be laid until then, until you get a smooth square. If necessary, some places cube you can apply the glue to the matches kept the volume.
Collecting two dice of equal size, pull out each cube in four matches, which is a little away from the corners of the cube. If a match does not stretch, push up another match.
Clean the head popped four matches from the sulphur with a knife, and then, in order to strengthen the design, insert the design center another match with a cleared head. Matches cleared with sulfur heads are easier to enter into another cube, so that they can hold on to it.
Tightly grip the workpiece and then lock the mounting matches the bottom, inserting props from scraps of additional matches. This will help matches to stay in the right position when you push them to the second cube. Wear on the fastener matches a second cube, squeezing his hand, and then check whether firmly fixed cubes together.
If the lock design plan is big and heavy, strengthen the connection of the parts with a couple drops of glue. Manufacture the right amount of exactly the same cubes, and then connect them in the correct order, forming the walls and the design of your building out of matches.