Make a business plan of your future enterprise. Before the first generation conduct market analysis of possibilities to open your company. Describe in detail all the benefits of your business, make competent cost estimates for its opening. Possible attract professionals and experts to work on a plan to subsequently increase your chances of getting a loan.
Register SP or LLC at the local branch of the tax Inspectorate.
To register the IP, you will need the following documents and/or certified copies of:
- announcement on the issuance of the certificate of registration;
- passport and identification code;
- certificate of marriage;
- data on Bank account (if necessary).
On the basis of certificate your company will be assigned NACE codes. Register printing enterprise in MCI.
If you want to register the LLC, you will need to submit the following documents confirming your right to the registration:
- the statement;
- constituent documents of the enterprise (Charter, agreement on the establishment, information on officials);
- copies of passports, INN and income declarations of officials and copies of documents confirming their qualifications;
- information about the Bank account.
Will receive a certificate of registration. Get the codes OKPO and register print to MCI.
The Bank gave you the credit for opening of business, submit the following documents:
- the statement;
- certified copies of all documents (passport, TIN, certificate of sole proprietorship or LLC, an extract from egrip/the register);
- business plan of the enterprise.
In full compliance with the terms of the loan, imagine the Bank of reference and guarantee for securing the loan. This may be help 2-NDFL (if you work), an apartment or a car, the guarantee of physical persons. The guarantor will need to provide proof of income or certificate of ownership of any property. But when making a mortgage remember that you will have to pay interest not only on the loan for the business, but to pay for the use of the pledged property.
If you already have a business that makes a profit, it is easier for you to receive credit.
If the Bank is motivated, you refused to results loan, please contact your local business development Center or to private investors, presenting them all the necessary documents. But be ready that the interest rate in this case will be higher than a Bank.