Advice 1: How to make a simple bow

The onion is not just an attribute of the past, often enough and now it is used in hunting, active recreation and, of course, in sports. If you have decided to feel "the spirit bow" and hear the whistle of the arrows, you need very little to start. And it is the desire and a small manual.
How to make a simple bow
Select the bow. The simplest models of the bow quite a lot, ranging from classic European to Japanese wide samples. Depending on your goals you can make easy, and maybe even a foldable bow that can disassemble and reassemble if needed in a matter of seconds or build a large hunting bow, can ever appease even the thick-skinned bear. If you want to do not only with weapons, how much a work of art and another original element of the decor, you will need less resources to find quality materials, but more on improving appearance.
Pick up the necessary material. Go shopping in the building and in the gun shop. Often it is in a gun store there is a possibility of ordering high-quality wood or the substrate to bow. In any case, finding the necessary materials in one place, visit necessarily the second. If the bow is only part of the interior, ivory, black and mahogany are perfect for the decoration of weapons of any size, and all these materials you will find in a regular hardware store.
Arrows are easier to buy, especially if you intend to hunt or just decided to shoot. In addition, they will be better made, it will be cheaper because to create them you will need sophisticated tools and skills.
Follow your actions. Wrong movement or extra pressure can break up the string, to bend or even break the bow. To avoid this, take the time to assemble and Refine the design.
Remember that you collect is not a toy, but a murder weapon. With good arrows you can penetrate the average thickness of the tree, which speaks about the huge damage you can inflict. Don't shoot in the woods, if you are not exactly sure that before you no one. Best find an empty field or a vacant lot.

Advice 2: How to make a small bow

Small wooden bow – arms of ancient and cosmopolitan. Modern versions of bow hunters use today. Models made according to the old technologies used in the recovery of historical events. Respectable adult men are not averse to run in the fields and forests with genuine childlike excitement, remembering bow from a branch, with whom he played a long time ago.
How to make a small bow
You will need
  • - wooden blank 400-50-30;
  • - lamel;
  • - nylon rope;
  • - furniture bolts 2 pieces 50 mm, 2 PCs 25 mm;
  • - stameska;
  • - saw or jigsaw;
  • vise;
  • - emery cloth.
For the handle make a nice piece of wood with dimensions 400-50-30 mm. It must be without knots, with layers along the long side. Suitable beech, birch and other solid woods. Or find it in the hardware store the right size ax.
Shoulders the bow easier to make lamellas. This material is a flexible veneer, layers of several varieties of wood go along. Look for it in companies that make furniture, or in the warehouses of the hardware. For the string suitable nylon yarn, which are sold in the departments for anglers, with a thickness of 0.5 mm.
A stick for the handle put a pencil in the form of this part. Saw pattern saw, a jigsaw or a chisel. Sanded the handle you can then when you fit it to the onions. Make a shelf on the side, which is your dominant hand (Lefty – left righty – right). Arrows mark the top and bottom of the handle.
Calculate the length of the shoulders, it depends on the overall bow length minus 200 mm at the hilt, the rest of the inches divide in half. Don't do bow length less than 120 cm, as the bending angle of the shoulders will be too big and such a product will quickly fail. If you are limited to the length of the slats, do it to the maximum.
The billet slats markup in the following way: each edge mark at 15 mm obliquely, mark the location of the cut. We split the workpiece into two parts. With a pencil draw a smooth transition of width from 15 mm to 30-35 mm. Fold the blanks one upon the other, clamp in a vise and bring the plane to a high degree of "sameness".
The groove under the string to make the distance of 1-3 cm from the narrow end of the arm. Drill the holes for the bolts to handle 50 mm and 25 mm. In the arm to drill the bolt holes 50 mm., the Shoulders attach to the handle on long bolts, take the rope, make her a bow, but do not pull. Your goal is to center the shoulders. Align them so that the rope passed right in the middle of the handle. Mark the short bolts on the handle. Remove the shoulders, drill the holes for 25 mm fasteners. Assemble all the pieces.
Take the cloth and handle all the details, to avoid burrs and irregularities. If you have a cautery device, you can make an ornament, or using Celtic designs. But in decorating valid complete creative freedom. Impregnate the wood by means that protect against rot. The varnish is not very suitable, since the bow is not static and the varnish will crack from the constant bending.
Between the string and the grip distance should be about 20 cm nylon Pull rope with a thickness of 3-4 mm, do the loop on each side and slip into groove. First slide the loop of string over one shoulder bow, but not the propyl, and more. Then hook the string to the second shoulder, already in the designated groove. Abut this shoulder to the floor and insert the first loop in propyl.
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