You will need
  • - satin ribbons of different widths;
  • - beads;
  • - glue gun;
  • - thread to match the ribbon;
  • needle.
To make flower petal, take a piece of ribbonpoints, the length of which will depend on the size of the next flower. Can tapesdo not immediately cut off. First, fold the petal, and then, if liked, cut off.
Fold wide ribbonin half at. If tapesand of medium width or narrow, then folding it is not necessary.
Connect ends of stripssunglasses, get a kind of cone. Fold the tips toward or away from you. Anneal lighter and quickly press with your fingers.
If you add tapeto the point of a different color, when folding get. The second piece of tapes can be placed not only in the middle, but the edges. Petal will look different.
Another version of petal. Loop stripsand fold the ends with each other. Fold again to yourself, but you can in the other direction. Fix lighter, and petal is ready. Make several of these petals.
Take a circle of cardboard or felt, attach the petals. For single flower is enough 5-6 petals. Glue them to the base using hot glue gun. Center flower decorate bead.
To make the rosette, take your ribbonand fold its edge at an angle. Roll into a small tube. Continue to wrap the flower in a circle, forming the petals. Each subsequent petal bundle with a needle and thread. If you make a few turns, get a Bud. If the length of the stripss more, you get a lush flower.
These flowers decorate clothes, bag, curtains. Attach to a simple barrette, or elastic headband. Exclusive jewelry kanzashi ready.
Using satin ribbon you can drastically change an ordinary knit bustier dress. Make tape loops of different lengths and tab them along the neckline. This way you will refresh an old outfit.
Original necklace made of strips to do the same just. Pick a few ribbons of different colors to the shades created a smooth transition from one color to another. Fold the stripss like an accordion, make a hole and pass the chain. Such simple at first glance, the necklace is very impressive.